About the Author

In short, I am a critical thinker, researcher, analyst and above all a futurist with a credentialed background in history and political science. My greatest passion is transitioning out of capitalism and post scarcity while my greatest desire is to bring the reality of this to all of the masses.

Feel free to contact me: Shayt@antilifeequation.com


I am a critical thinker, researcher, analyst and above all a futurist with a credentialed background in history and political science. Aside from my educational background I have spent the vast majority of my life focused on understanding reality as well as the future course of humanity and its potentials. When it comes to social theory, collective society, and humanity’s evolution through history, the level of passion that I have is simply indefinable as my love and bewilderment of these topics exceed all known extremes. Like so many I have been hit with waves of adversities, immense struggles and challenges, but these are the very reasons which have catalyzed my passion for these topics while seeking fundamental solutions for humanity. More importantly, I have been unfortunate to suffer from a somewhat mysterious illness that at times places me on the chopping block of death. This immense pressure has fueled my drive for fundamental and transitional changes in society to the point that most struggle to fathom, as I continue to this day frantically searching the world for a solution. However, to engage in this journey for a solution that realistically most likely does not exist, I had to shed my “bubble world” that so many people exist within, placing the tools of skepticism, dialectical materialism, and logic coupled with reason above all else. Consequently, such a search has forced me to see and understand the true reality of our existence and why society is what it is now. This pursuit has overwhelmed my mind to the point of obsession as the odds of death for myself only increase with wounds that cannot be seen. It is as though this drive exceeds all other priorities of myself, as I am filled with the unrelenting desire for fundamental change for all.

I appreciate all who have given their time to review my website, social media and additional materials. I thank those who are able to support me and the general movement for a new paradigm shift. I say "my work," but truly this sort of effort requires the support from the masses that are done with the games and seek actual change now. True change comes from the body of individuals seeking that change, not by some single individual.


The Anti-life Equation is focused on a topic that can appear to appeal to those who believe in ideas based in fantasy, religion, or some other notion related to a central group dominating all of humanity. It should be noted that all of my work is not remotely affiliated with conspiracy speculations or notions based on pure emotion or personal feelings. Rather, my conclusions concerning reality stem from the logical deductions that can be found within demonstrable evidence and concepts that are based in tangible reality. Perhaps this declaration is a disappointment to those who are anxiously awaiting more practical evidence of their tired beliefs in conspiracy speculations based in world domination or some sort of apocalyptic scenario. Nevertheless, no such speculations are necessary to believe in when there are mountains of accessible evidence stemming from the system of capitalism as the true promoter of anti-life.