The Anti-life Equation


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The Book

The process of this project is still ongoing, but its completion date has been pushed back due to production delays 

This book will be an exploration seeking to breakdown and show the realistic consequences of continuing with capitalism and its detrimental impacts on humanity, arguing that our current path is increasingly leading humanity into an entire era of strife and catastrophic decline. Already so many of us are consumed by the monotony of work and financial obligation only to be further compounded by climate change. Please follow the link below that will take you to a basic summary of the book or the more extensive summary. I invite everyone to join me in uncovering the reality of our society, how its’ grips upon the masses will seal our doom, and why a system that is capitalist is one that equates to anti-life

Upcoming Book: The Anti-Life Equation: An Equation that is Hostile to Life in Dual Ways

Tentative Titles for the following volumes:

Book 2: The Anti-Life Equation: A Global Perspective

Book 3: The Life Equation: A New Paradigm and Realities

Short Summary

Article Style Summary 

Goal of this Work