Summary in Brief

This exhaustively sourced and heavily investigated exploration into our current system of capitalism focuses on the growing concern that humanity as a whole sits at the precipice of existence. While the United States exists as the most dominating entity in the world, most of the masses hold great concern for the future as the government continues to fail in addressing core human and environmental issues. With the rise of increasingly more technology, changes in labor, and climate change among numerous others, many are left in wonder what shape the course of humanity will take in the near future. Capitalism has hurled us into a new paradigm of progress but progress that is selective and at the cost of the masses, both metaphorically and literally.

The reality is capitalism is in its own decline, arriving at its very limits of existence, while optimists wish to intensify it as a pursuit to return to older times or at the least a frantic attempt at preserving it. Instead of offering the classic doom and gloom speculations on the future of capitalism and our society, this work will point directly to variables within our system that are arguably the most influential components and catalysts to the dual impact of The Anti-Life Equation. Its antithesis, the life equation, does exist yet the forces of capitalism will ensure this reality will be demonized and ignored. For so many, this system removes their ability to live, with untold numbers existing practically as empty shells, compounded by capitalism producing increasing threats to their physical lives driven by anthropomorphic climate change.

Credit for Bernie Sanders: Gage Skidmore / Flickr Credit for Jordan Peterson: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

What separates this exploration from other works of a similar genre is that this text will begin with the mechanisms of capitalism that promotes infinite growth, to providing and analyzing the variables that will inevitably result in The Anti-life Equation; setting humanity onto the road of catastrophic decline. Almost everyone is well aware of the rapid changes in society and while comfort dominates some, worry and concern about the future heavily dominates the many. Considering the wild levels of financial anarchy, political polarization, watershed innovations in technology, and attacks on intellectualism it is not hard to understand their concerns, albeit many have no idea the true extent of this growing anti-life reality. With no central point to society, corporations, politicians, and entrepreneurs alike, moving in their own directions in addition to seeking their own life of opulence, the reality for crucial and structural change needed for human society is unimaginably implausible as entities will always continue to battle it out for the accumulation of profit.

This book will explore how the intensification of variables within capitalism (finances, politics, technology, and anti-intellectualism) formulates the dual equation of anti-life: The deprivation of one’s desired pursuits in life while affixed to wage servitude as well as facing the reality of the coming cataclysmic results of anthropomorphic climate change allowed to run amok.

Credit: Markus Spiske / Unsplash