the anti-life equation

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The truth is the capitalist system is in decline, not just in the US but worldwide. Capitalism’s extent of progress is seeing its end as it has advanced society to a level where humanity no longer requires it. Conversely, maintaining it will only serve to ultimately contradict its progress. Optimists and those who are absolutely dedicated to the system will have you believe the world is improving radically on all fronts, and that any slowdown or struggles that the people endure is nothing more than the effects of unnecessary regulations and mismanagement. They argue that the clearest solution to this decline or any crisis in general is to simply further unfetter capitalism while making false or lackadaisical promises of reform. The belief in continuous growth on a finite planet to be the solution to all problems will only result in accelerated detriments to humanity.

The point or direction of society should be humanistic, fitted with a new system equipped with advance uses of technological innovations in an accelerated fashion that many have yet to fathom. A society with new ideals, notions, and constructions that focus on the human and its environment universally, rather than profit or expanding the wealth of selected individuals.

Capitalism is no panacea, all tools have limitations built into their constructions. The folly that can be found within the structure of this system is the focus on continual expansion at the dual cost to the masses, both literally and metaphorically.

Capitalism at its core has permitted more of humanity to live in the sense of existing, but for so many it removes their ability to live; to truly have the ability to pursue, not dreams, but realities that they see as “the good life.” Simultaneously, they are compounded with the many variables that are produced from this system starting with: its financial complex, down to its politics, stretching deeply into technology, the health of intellectualism, and ultimately impacting the physical climate coupled with the environment. These commodities when intensified will serve as the product of an equation that is anti-life. This intensification to revitalize capitalism will truly be our downfall. Although these variables may appear uncanny, disconnected, and irrelevant to the true causation of our struggles and eventually jeopardizing our species, the goal of this work will be to expose it through exploration. The greatest hubris that humanity could ever accept as fact is that absolutes or panaceas can or will ever exist.

The beginnings of this intensification can be found in almost every iota of society. The very influences of technology among other contributions such as globalization have come to the fore, forcing a shift in the traditional labor market and creating a massive wedge between the high income earners and the remaining workers. Consequently dooming incredible amounts of the masses to underemployment, stagnant wages, longer working hours, mental anguish, exceedingly higher education and housing cost, and more. The increasingly clear reality of the “American dream” or obtaining the “good life” has become nothing more but a hopeless desire. This is not to deny the successes and triumphs that many have achieved, but the scales of both realities tip immensely to those that struggle. Even swaths of high income earners have become lost in this life, hopelessly engulfed with responsibilities and expectations that tear them from their once true pursuits in life.

The financial industrial complex (FIC) sits at the head of this system guiding society’s destiny. With the FIC, avarice reigns supreme and "trickles down" to the rest of society as the desires of Wall Street and big money dictate the course of humanity. This is what fuels the actions of politics, most notable with the recent political polarization in U.S. society, but also seeping into other realms of society such as the social, medical and scientific world. The abuse of innovation and technology for profit aside from its true potentials for humanity is another driven factor – abuse that we often recognize in our news, movies, and media as so many of the masses are consumed by the fear of future dystopias, something that is fast becoming reality along with its possibilities.

Regardless of one’s politics, the culmination of these two attributes, politics and technology, fuel yet another major variable, intellectualism; something so sacred to the operation of a free, fair, and proper democratic society. It is an increasing assault on intellectualism, taking advantage of the overwhelmed individual, to fool them, to deceive them, and to confuse them into continuing the game of capitalism. For politics, controlling the intellect is power, ensuring the masses remain entrenched into the monotony of the daily grind. Working five, six, seven days while putting in 40, 80, or even 100 hours a week till the era of retirement, only to risk the gauntlet of old age and deteriorating health to experience the life that one had always truly desired. So many consumed in their craft unaware or unable to pursue possible routes of elevation, hopelessly believing that their merit will guide them to intense wealth and endless pursuits. In actuality they find themselves buried in debt, overwhelmed by the increasing costs associated with other fiascos such as medical, housing, education, wages benefits, in addition to the general increase cost of living to name only a few. The incessant march to fuel the system tears down the mental well-being of the human, eroding their true desires and wants in place of trying to make it through the day. All in the end not for the sake of the country, the larger community, or even the self, but to aid in the continued accumulation of wealth for the wealthy.

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The Anti-Life Equation is an exploration into our current system, identifying and showing how various components of capitalism are summating to an equation that will dispel the largest existential crisis that humanity will ever face, a crisis so significant that it will result in the possible catastrophic downfall of all of humanity. Too often we focus on specific crises, fiascos, and social issues as isolated problems that can be resolved within their own right. However it is the specific construction of capitalism that enables but also entices these issues to continue, to fester, only to become another route for profit later. Comparably a new system model that removes the game entirely will remove the notions of wage servitude and sets the stage for the individual to pursue the life they have always desired, this is on top of the unfathomable reality of the highest level of freedom that be obtained. Such a reality can exist as the antithesis of capitalism formulating itself into essentially the life equation. Utopias cannot and will never exist, but we can in fact create a new system dedicated to the eternal pursuit of universal progress, development, and personal welfare; worship of the dollar is no longer necessary.

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The ultimate reality of the anti-life equation is not merely that the system removes the pursuits of the individual, but that the continued operation and expansion of this system will result in the largest catastrophic event to occur in our history. The pressures of capitalism and its desire to maintain its infinite growth have already begun and will continue to destroy the environment. A consequence of the system’s battle for survival is the devastation of our mental environment, attacking our very essence of existence while ensuring the annihilation of the climate to the point of no return.

Climate change is no joke, it is not associated with monetary schemes rather it is the result of anthropomorphic tendencies. Electric cars, artificial meat, and small conservation efforts are no match for the numerous pollutants that the system in its entirety creates routinely. It is a system consumed with individual proprietors with their own desires for the world, conflicting or not, creating a sea of anarchical entities driving the world in endless differing directions. The inability of the masses to recognize the need to quickly evolve out of this system will result in the activation of the anti-life equation and lead us to an age of strife and eventual decay. As we currently reside in the 6th extinction the true extent of decay could be beyond detrimental. Those that are absolutely dedicated to the system have the most to lose by moving to a new paradigm. Consequently those forces will continue to attempt to increase their grasp in an act to revive capitalism to its economic past, as they battle the masses already knowing the clear reality that capitalism’s time is fast coming to an end.

This book will possibly be the first in a three-volume series. The first volume will focus on the anatomy of the anti-life equation in the context of the United States. The second volume will continue exploring the equation but in a globalized society. Much can be said for the doom and gloom of the most likely scenario of anti-life, but little is hardly said or sadly considered by both academia and the public concerning the actual plausible solutions that we can implement to advert any cataclysm. The third volume will pick up from the first by substantially elaborating on the life equation.

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