Table of Contents




1. Creative Beings and the Precipice of Existence


2. Capitalism Defined

Society, the System, and Perpetuation

Socialized Production with Capitalist Ownership


Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet 

Cyclical Consumption

Financial Reconfiguration & Reorganization

The Small Person

3. Crises and labor: A History of Labor Re-Structuring

Brief history of labor starting from the 1970s

Liquid evolution of labor

Decline of traditional and long term work, rise of the part time

Consequential impact on the individual/ family by the 2000s


4. Wage Stagnation: A Deep Dive Exploration 

Frozen Wages and Compensation, but Increasing Productivity 

Opponents and Proponents of Wage Stagnation

On Inequality

Unqualified and Under Skilled

Non-Compete/ Covenant not to compete

On Monopsony



Multiple Contending Theories 

5. Proponents and Opponents of Capitalism as a Global force of Progress

The New Optimists 

The Realists  

     6. COVID-19

A true litmus test for capitalism

Impacts; work, labor, life

Combating COVID; Vaccine and patents

Financial Reorganization / Wealth transfer

A true reflection how capital handles crises

7. The Financial Industrial Complex 

The FIC 

True Ownership 

The Revolving Door 

Socialism but for the Rich??

Money in politics; legalized bribery/ Lobbying / dark money

Final Accumulation, financial insolvency, and hyperinflation 

8. Politics and Polarization. 

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Realities of the “Left Wing”; a tale of two lefts??

Traditional Corruption

Political Polarization and Vaudeville Acts

9. Technology: Abuse and Potentials

The abuse of technology 

Technological Potentials and fantastic realities


10. Anti-Intellectualism and 3D, 4D, 17D Chess

The anatomy of Intellectualism

Levels of Misinformation and waves of Anti-Intellectualism

Vested disinformation and Capital

11. Anthropomorphic Climate Change

Where we are now

The "Race" to Net Zero?

Climate Realities

12. The Age of Strife and the Decline of the Human

Extraordinary People during Extraordinary Times?

The Unity of Hate

The Fragmentation of Leftism

Fundamental Unwillingness of the Masses

Exponential People and Exponential Problems

Capital’s reaction to Decline

Water Wars and Resource based conflicts

13. The Life Equation

Going beyond the Box

Techno-Humanism, Transition, and Praxis

Post Scarcity Realities


On PCE and CPI